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This creamy avocado vinaigrette is healthy, delicious, and ready in less than five minutes. Make a batch to keep in your fridge all week. So here’s the thing. There are probably a good avocado pudding recipes out there. I’m seen them everywhere. I even made one when I first started paleo and my mom thought it tasted like dog doo. Kid-Friendly Recipes, Recipe Index of over Easy Healthy Recipes that are perfect for kids and picky eaters.

Lick my avocado
Lick my avocado

Believe it or not: Well, admittedly Lick my avocado did go to work in a pair of good jeans, a tie, french cuffs, and a vest; on two occasions. I almost feel under-dressed, though I fit in perfectly with my colleagues here. I was overdressed before. Despite being overdressed, according to the work environment, I actually like wearing a suit.
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Lick my avocado
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